Transfer of Schools

For school transfers, the current school must release your SEVIS record before the new school can process the transfer.

Transferring In

Regulations require that you check-in with DISSA within 15 days of the start date on the Penn State I-20 if you are transferring your SEVIS record in to Penn State from another SEVIS-approved U.S. institution. The current school must release you before Penn State can process the transfer. Until DISSA registers you, you have not been transferred.

Transferring Out

The timing on transferring your SEVIS record will vary if you are transferring from one Penn State campus to another, or from Penn State to another university.

Transferring from one Penn State Campus to another:

Make a request in iStart no earlier than one week before the new semester at the new campus begins. 

Transferring from Penn State to another university: 

You can request a transfer from Penn State to another university approximately 60 days before the end of the last semester of enrollment at Penn State.  Because we must maintain access to the SEVIS record until the end of the semester, choose the last day of the semester as the release date.  To request a transfer, complete the "Request to Transfer from Penn State" eForm in iStart.  You must include a copy of the offer of admission from the other school.  

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