Document Check-in

It is your responsibility to ensure you remain in legal status during your studies in the United States. The DISSA office has established processes to ensure you have all of the proper documentation complete and up to date.  The first thing you need to complete is the mandatory Document Check-in in iStart before classes begin. You can complete this upon arrival in the U.S. since some of the documents are obtained after you arrive.   

Mandatory Document Check-in

You will need  PDF copies of:

Also have the following ready:

Address Information

In addition, you must update your address and contact information in LionPATH and you must be enrolled full time. DISSA is required to register you in the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVIS) every semester. We cannot register you in SEVIS unless all of these conditions are met:

NOTE: If you do not check-in, your arrival and course registration is not reported to the U.S. government, thus your legal stay in the U.S. will be automatically terminated.  This means you must leave the U.S. immediately.  So please don't wait!  Get it done! 

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