Changing your Major

Anytime there is an update on information that is different from the information in SEVIS or on the I-20, DISSA is required to update SEVIS. Changes in majors are sent to DISSA each day, and these changes are automatically sent to SEVIS. However, new I-20s are not processed. It is important that you request a new I-20 with the new major information. If you intend to apply for a visa, you will find that the I-20 you present will differ with what the consular officers see in their electronic system.

Note: Students sponsored by their governments must get permission in advance to change majors. If you have changed it without their permission, you may be asked to repay your tuition and living expenses.

Changing your level

Unlike the change of major, a change in level does not automatically update in SEVIS.  If you change from a bachelor's to a master's degree, you must work with DISSA to get a new I-20.

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