When will I use the insurance?

Emergency situations:

One of the most common issues students encounter abroad is an unexpected illness or injury that requires emergency medical attention, such as a broken leg from a fall.  In an emergency, go to the nearest hospital or medical facility to be treated, then call UHCG to establish a case. They will contact the hospital to guarantee payment for you, and if you need to be evacuated to a higher level of care or back to your home country, they will arrange it all for you. 

Non-emergency situations:

In a non-emergency situation, such as a  sprained ankle or when you need to refill a prescription, call UHCG and establish a case FIRST.  They will help identify an in-network hospital or medical facility where you can go.  They may be able to make an appointment for you and can guarantee direct billing so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

Note: Keep in mind that this international emergency medical insurance policy is for medical conditions that require immediate attention while abroad, such as a broken leg or a stomach illness, and does not cover routine medical care. It is not a replacement for your U.S. health insurance policy, which you should maintain while traveling internationally.

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