Paying Bills and Filing Claims

Covering Medical Costs

If you were unable to set up direct billing or establish a case prior to receiving treatment and you get a bill, you are covered.

You have two payment options:

If I have to pay out of pocket, will I get reimbursed?

In an emergency (and even in some non-emergencies depending on your location) our insurance provider may not have a relationship with a local medical treatment facility. In those cases you will have to pay the medical costs up front and will need to seek reimbursement from UHCG.

What is reimbursable?

The cost of covered emergency medical care while overseas on University-affiliated travel are 100% reimbursable. Keep your receipts and contact UHCG or the Global Safety Office to file a claim or for assistance with getting reimbursed.

What do I do if I receive a high-dollar amount bill or just cannot pay?

Call the University’s International Emergency Medical insurance provider or the Penn State Global Safety Office to get help setting up a billing arrangement with the hospital through the insurance company.

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