Can I use my credit card?

Be sure to let your bank know you will be traveling internationally.  If you don't, they may think your identity was stolen and freeze your accounts.  Also, put their international number in your phone so you can call them from abroad in case your card is lost or stolen. See if your card will charge you a foreign transaction fee.  You could consider obtaining a spare, low-limit credit card for travel in the event you lose possession of it.

How much cash should I have?

It is advisable to have a small amount of cash you can hand over if needed. You’re at more risk when you have NO money.   That said, try not to have a lot of cash on you at any one time.  Being perceived as wealthy can make you more of a target. Try to put it in multiple places on your person - look into wearing a money belt or at least use several different pockets to store money.

Exchanging money

Know the exchange rate before you go. Avoid changing currency at U.S. airports - the exchange rates are usually better once you arrive at your destination. 

ATM Security

Use the same mindset abroad as you do at home.  Be aware of your surroundings. ATMs can be targets for thieves and kidnappers.  Only take cash from a bank-affiliated ATM to be safe.    

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