International Health Insurance

Students traveling outside of the United States on University-affiliated trips are covered by Penn State's international emergency health insurance. Emergency medical, travel and personal security assistance is available 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world through UnitedHealthcare Global (UHCG).

Where can I get more information? 

Detailed insurance information is available on United Healthcare Global's Intelligence Center website. This site includes a printable insurance card, contact phone numbers, coverage details, claims processing information, and information about your destination. There are two ways to access this site:

The first way is on the International Health Insurance page on the Global Programs Website.  The "International Health Insurance Portal" link will ask you to log in with your WebAccess ID and then take you to the United Healthcare Global Intelligence Center website:
Screen shot of the International Health Insurance page from the Global Programs website.

The second way is through the Travel Safety Network main page. You can go directly to the International Travel Insurance Portal using your access ID:
Screen shot of the travel safety network webpage ( with a large arrow pointing out the link to the International Travel Insurance portal.

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