Make a plan for how you will stay in touch with contacts at your destination and back at home.

Cell phones:

If you are bringing a cell phone, consult your provider on international plans or ways to turn off cellular data and still have the ability to make emergency calls and use WIFI.

Communication plan:

Speak to your close family, friends, and advisor about how often you will communicate with them. Set up a plan to check in by email or phone on a regular schedule, like when you arrive, and once or twice a week. Many times, you have less regular access to phone calls, texting, and emails while you are traveling internationally (or want to simply focus on your experience and be more unplugged!) so your family can become concerned if they hear from you less often if you do not have a plan in place.

Penn State email:

Remember to check your Penn State email account while abroad.  Penn State asks you to specify contact information for you while you are traveling so we have a reliable way to reach you in an emergency. If something happens in the country where you are located, you may get an email from Penn State Global Safety in your Penn State email account.  Please respond to confirm you are ok.

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